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Gossamer Crossing came to Elevate Designs with the need to create a better IT infrastructure and manage their online presence. The goal was simple, create a highly flexible IT infrastructure for a mobile workforce and help clientele discover what their business was about.

We started out with laying out their current IT infrastructure and coming up with a plan on how we wanted to implement improvements. Then we slowly pushed out changes and made sure their staff was comfortable with the new workflow processes. 

Lastly, we migrated their website to our hosting platform and continually provide maintenance and support.

Elevate Designs has provided excellent IT services for our company over the years. They are proactive and innovative in their security solutions and do an excellent job managing our back-office needs. Great Group

Benjamin F.

Founder, Gossamer Crossing


Gossamer Crossing



AUG 25, 2018


Website Hosting, IT Consulting


Technical, WordPress

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