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Planck Renovations approached Elevate Designs to revamp their website and create a new logo that would represent their business and resonate with their target market. Our team assisted them in achieving their objective by developing a new website that showcased their expertise in renovation and construction and emphasized their unique value proposition. By creating a user-friendly experience, we ensured that Planck Renovations’ clients could easily access the information and services they required.
To kick off the project, we collaborated closely with the Planck Renovations team to comprehend their business goals and vision for their online presence. We then designed a website that integrated their branding and messaging, with a modern and clean aesthetic that reflected their professionalism and attention to detail. Furthermore, we created a new logo that not only represented their brand but also stood out in the competitive construction industry.

The outcomes were remarkable. Planck Renovations now has a website that aligns with their business and appeals to their clientele. By incorporating online booking, we streamlined their workflow, allowing their staff to concentrate on their core expertise instead of answering calls and emails. Overall, we take pride in assisting Planck Renovations in elevating their online presence, and we are eager to continue our partnership with them.

I recently had the opportunity to work with Elevate Designs on a branding project for my small business, and I must say, it was an excellent experience. The team at Elevate Designs is highly professional, and their commitment to delivering quality work is commendable.

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